The Call Of Babalon

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

This book contains seven messages channeled by Soror Valknut in the 77 days of The Call of Babalon, a Goddess Worship.

They are messages of strength, beauty and wisdom, which inspire us to reflect on the one who keeps the cup where all the Sanctified Souls shed their blood.

Love is the law, love under Will



A winding serpent hidden

Among the veins of wisdom

You chased me and here I'm

Hear my call, oh children

Bow down, because the path is open to everyone

But not everyone can walk on it

Getting lost is very easy

My hands will not lead them

But my eyes yes

My chest burns in the flame of desire

Whose mouth drinks from the wine in my cup

My madness makes them drunk

Do not see beyond

There is much more than profound rejoicing

There is much more in the deepest

Seek, oh my little ones

Seek my joy within you

Seek like flames from my hips

Walking through the murky song of your soul

Listen my call

Feel my call

Drunk with desire and pleasure


I am the queen of abominations

The one who sees the depths of your abyss

And rises you to the highest

Do you find the passage

Through my hands

Or are you yet

Ecstatic before the enigma?

In my eyes there is a mystery

Of 4 suns and 4 moons

Walking endless cicles

Lies under my feet

At the sound of infinity

I am the golden dawn canopy

The naked magnificence

With unparalleled beauty


Raise my cup before you

Made outpour in thy head

The deepest desires

Walked beside you

Like fire and like fly

Dwelled over your body

Cherish you and made you feel my bliss

But you, so silly and exhilarated

Were not able to realize

Fool, before the unspeakable

Denied me

Half of the world you´ve walked

Half of the world you´ve searched for me

And I watched over you for all this time

I´ve listened to your songs

I´ve read your poems

I saw all your endeavor

I gathered the rose petals to me consecrated

Made you bleed by my thorns

From my mouth spout the nectar of desire

From my hips

In my cup

You place your sword and delight

Your delight I watch with tenacity

Thy glory I deliver bathed in my blood

In thy forehead there is my number

You are my child

I´ve called you and you did hear me

I´ve wished for you admire me

Do you see before you my scornful laugh?

I am the queen of perdition

I am untold power

From your deepest strenght



You who are offspring from my entrails

Have lust eagerly

And cried out to me

Don´t you see I am already in you

And all my lust was already surround you

That voice you hear whispering in your ears

In lifeless dark nights

That desire

Into the hidden deepths

That delusional spark

In you eyes before my altar

I heard from your mouth

I felt thy desire

I´ve leaned to your arms

And recognize your face in the crowd

I surrendered to you

As you did to me

I saw in your face, oh my child

The slumberous desire rise once again

My lust embraced you

My kisses inebriating you

My heat fondle you

Into your dreams I walk

With my mantle I consecrate

Touch your face with my kisses

Come to you teasing

Awakening your deepests desires

I am the fire burning into the night

Into the witches bonfire

Surround you

I enfold you with my heat

Beyond yourself

Tease you with lust

I am among you

Because you have called with devotion

I am for you

Beause I hear your call

I am the one who walks you through the darkness

And the darkness itself

Guided from my light, Oh unholy

In my eyes you see all kinds of daze

I am the one who annihilate

And who raise the flowers in your garden

I am your despair to see me

I am your joy as you touch my mantle

Shrouded in gloom

And before my workship

You reach again your bliss

Be not afraid

I am with you

And I will be with you day by day

As far as in my name

And by my name

Spread truth to me


I am your bitterest gall

When you wake up and don't see me

And I am your sweet dew

When to my world you can reach

Though you doubt your own sanity

I myself, BABALON

Will hold you in my arms

Because you are my child

And bear my mark and word

You see beyond what you can

You feel beyond mere reality

I hide myself before you at every moment

Be aware of the details

I may be watching you in repressed desire

In the sound of the seas

Or the winds

In the raindrops from which you hide

In the cool shade

Or in the scorching heat

I am that breath of reality guiding you

But I am also that spark of insanity

When you know

That you're doubting yourself

Rise and see me, my child


I am creation and destruction

I am beyond your understanding

And I am your understanding

Worship me each day more

And I will show you my face

In unimaginable places

I will guide you into your dreams

I will lead you in your deliriums

Oh my child

hear my call

You are not wrong to give vent to your delusions

You are mistaken not to surrender yourself to Me

In all My Faces

Who I am you can't tell the difference

I can be at your side

and you can't see me

I am part of you and I am in you

If you look deep into my eyes I am you

In your dreams I am your mind

Beside you, the scent of sandalwood and my colors

Listen my child

Because my call came in making a song

It was sung in the most diverse voices

In the most diverse places

There is the sound of harps and there is the sound of wind

I am the secret of the serpent

And the key to the fire of dissolution

I carry the sacred chalice

Filled with the nectar of your unceasing voice


Oh you who cry out for me

I am in you and I am yours

In my eyes the flames

From the sacred path of my devotion

In your voice I rest

In your bed I get up

And in your dreams, I always consecrate

The path is one of dissolution

Because only dissolution can generate the sacred flame

You don't understand that with fire you purify yourself

But is it also destroyed by fire?

There's a veiled secret between the lines

And even the prophet did not know how to unveil

But in the depths of your being you know

And that's where I live

Your chest burns in flames

When trying to understand me

But I am the flame

And I am the strength

I will lead you on the sacred path

And if you continue to cry out

I will be your sacred court

Your flame of pleasure and glory

I am your beloved BABALON

The one you always seek

I am flesh and fire before your desires

And I am the purifying fire

And I am the flame of destruction


If you can understand

If you open your heart in such a way

That understanding fills it

You will destroy the promises of deceit and pain

And you will be able to build My path

Give yourself in devotion

I will embrace you and elevate you

And then you will know the sublime act

For learn that you can touch me with your soul

Through your words

Oh my beloved child

You are my vehicle of communion.

Through your words I come to men

And through your understanding

I am reborn strong as your cry

Night after night

Dream after dream

In devotion you sought

And behold, before you I unveil myself

Black face of immortal blood

Face to face with your illusions and desires

I am the one who reigns

In your deepest devotion

Do not be discouraged

I will lead you through the courts of destruction

And I will raise you on my throne

In the depth of your very being

I am the dewdrop that drips in the morning

Sketching the details of every leaf

In splendorous green before you

And I am also your help

Do you think I won't be there

To lift you up when you fall?

I am the force that expands and contracts

That repels and attracts

But I am also your blood

Your sweat and your tears

I am the golden veil

That has covered your thoughts

And led to agony and disillusionment

Every moment you brought me your cries

I've been there listening to you

Rejoice my child

Be tender in my arms

Surrender to my deepest desires

I am the one you cling to

Asking for help

I am the divine face

That you seek incessantly

your incessant voice


I´m your pure wish

I´m in your heart and there I may live

I´m the one that you remember

At your moments of despair

I´m your mother dressed in red blood

I´m your sister who offers you comfort

I´m you wife who you fervently desire

But when I finally get you up

And when you finally touch my veil

You will understand the reason why you were calling me

Cause a thousand steps are beyond

33 uncovered atriums

77 steps not yet taken

And an infinity still vailed

When your eyes get in dark

And all hope leaves you

When all the pain in your soul

Come to live in my tears

And all defeat hurts your chest

Remember I choosed you

And it would never could be easy

Don't let yourself overwhelmed by the first steps

Be the light to those whose veil of the darkness still cover their eyes

Be understanding to those who seek

Cause I´m the broading of your vision

I´m your wishes and concreteness